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Making the decision to bring in outside help was extremely difficult as a mother. To admit that I simply could not keep doing it alone was heartbreaking. But after years of fighting with the system to provide help to my precious boy I was presented with Active Care Youth Services. It was a very scary time in our lives as a family due to the fact that violence and aggression were taking over our home. My boy has never fit into the “Special Needs” check boxes, so I was ready for total failure. However, Active Care matched me with an amazing manger named Erica who worked very closely with us to build a program customized to my son’s needs. As time went on, we hit many bumps and curves because my boy simply isn’t like others and new staff members/managers had to learn the hard way to listen to those that know the client best. That being said I feel Active Care did an amazing job of working with our family to find the best solutions within all of our capabilities. Without the team effort put forth by Active care , I cant even begin to imagine where not only my boy would be now, but also our family as a whole.

From the everyday life to the terrifying medical issues , Active Care was with me for every single step of our journey. Mangers and staff stepped up for medical procedures to allow me to just be MOM in those moments. As my son grew Active Care grew with us. Staff worked so hard with us and made massive positive change in my son’s life, which in turn had a ripple effect on our whole family. The words THANK YOU seem so small for the amount of gratitude we have for all the help from the many people who touched our lives on this path. Thank You Active Care for bringing these wonderful “staff” into our world.


Bobbie Tinline

Mother and Advocate.
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