June 28, 2024

Grand Opening of Active Care Housing Building in Kamloops, BC

On Friday June 28th, the community gathered for the grand opening of the new Active Care Housing Building on Tranquille Road. This momentous event marked a significant step forward in addressing the pressing issue of affordable housing in the area. Active Care, an organization with a 25-year legacy of providing residential resources and support services, celebrated this new addition to their extensive network of facilities across Kamloops.

The crowd watches on as Active Care Services CEO Daryl Smeeton gives his final address

A Vision for Housing as a Human Right

Active Care's philosophy is rooted in the belief that housing is a fundamental human right. This belief is the driving force behind their continuous efforts to create and support programs that enhance access to adequate and affordable housing for all. Their innovative approach and dedication to providing exceptional quality support services have made them a cornerstone in communities such as Kamloops and Kelowna.

Expanding Support with Active Care Alternative Housing Society

In their pursuit to broaden the impact of their services, Active Care recently established the Active Care Alternative Housing Society. This non-profit entity aims to facilitate the creation of affordable and accessible housing specifically for young adults. The Society's mission is to provide housing and related services to individuals whose income prevents them from accessing safe and comfortable living conditions. They also offer independent living resources to youth transitioning out of social support programs.

Katie Neustaeter addresses attendees and discusses the importance of affordable housing in Kamloops

The Grand Opening Event

The grand opening event was a well-attended affair, graced by notable figures from the community, including Mayor Reid Hamer-Jackson and Councillors Katie Neustaeter, Bill Sarai, Margot Middleton, and Dale Bass. Their presence underscored the importance of this new facility and the broad community support for Active Care's mission.

During the event, attendees toured the new building and learned about its features and the various services it will offer. The atmosphere was one of celebration and hope, as community members and local leaders came together to recognize the positive impact this new housing initiative will have.

Active Care Services CEO Daryl Smeeton cuts the ceremonial ribbon, surrounded by Mayor Reid Hamer-Jackson, City Councillors Katie Neustaeter, Bill Sarai, Margot Middleton, and Dale Bass - as well as key Active Care Services Staff, and North Shore BIA Representatives.

Looking Ahead

The grand opening of the Active Care Housing Building is a testament to the organization's commitment to innovative and compassionate care. As Active Care continues to expand its reach and impact, the community can look forward to more initiatives that provide essential support and housing solutions for those in need.

The new facility on Tranquille Road is not just a building; it represents a beacon of hope and a tangible step towards a future where adequate and affordable housing is accessible to everyone in Kamloops and beyond.