Job Title: Complex Care Worker

Classification: Complex Care Worker – Grid 13

Reports to: Program Manager

Job Summary:

The Adult Mental Health and Substance Abuse Complex Care Worker is responsible for working in collaboration with program clinical partner(s) to provide life skills and support services to adults who may experience one or more of the following: long-term homelessness, has been unable to maintain housing, substance use, brain injury, mental health disorders, justice involvement, and/or street entrenchment.

Qualifications: Education, Training & Experience

Skills & Abilities:

inclusive, equitable and welcoming environment.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Working collaboratively with the clinical team to assess, develop and implement clinical treatment plans and safety plans.
  2. Engaging participants using in a trauma informed, person centered approach to support emotional, social, physical, and mental health growth and stability through individual interactions and skill building, facilitation of group activities and meetings, conflict mediation and crisis intervention.

Job Title: Program Manager

Job Summary:

Reporting to the Director, a Program Manager is responsible for managing all aspects of youth and/or adult resource homes. Ensuring a trauma informed and person-centered approach with both persons served and employees. As a key member of the leadership team the Program Manager oversees all aspects of the individual resource homes, youth and/or adult services including communication with their natural and paid supports and engagement with MCFD or CLBC. In addition, ensuring compliance with CARF standards, funder and company policies & procedures and licensing standards.


Skills and Abilities:

Key Duties:

  1. Develops a positive relationship with youth and/or adults and their natural support network and other stakeholders
  2. Conducts assessments, develops guidelines of care with person served goals, and facilitates transition and exit plans
  3. Revises individualized guidelines of care and program activities to enhance youth and/or adult skills to provide opportunities for person-served to move into an alternative living situation (i.e., group care, semi-independence, foster care and/or home share)
  4. Liaisons with youth and/or adults care team ensuring regularly scheduled meetings are attended.
  5. Advises and/or recommends to Program Directors when youth and/or adult may require restrictive practices as part of their safety plan – ensures that all restrictive practice policies and/or direction are adhered to
  6. Manages all aspects of medication delivery, storage, and disposal, which includes individual staff monitoring, arranging annual medication training, and reporting medication errors in writing to the Program Director
  7. Responsible to review youth and/or adult files and documentation for accuracy, appropriateness of information and writing. Provides feedback and training to staff
  8. Ensures there are appropriate safety and risk management plans and staff adhere to the plans to reduce critical incidents
  9. Manages and debriefs critical incidents and reviews practices for changes to increase youth and/or adult safety
  10. Reviews all critical incidents for content and accuracy within the mandated timelines
  11. Provides support to staff through a trauma informed and person-centered lens
  12. Manages employee performance through coaching, mentoring, and applying progressive discipline as required
  13. Manages human resource issues including hiring, performance appraisal, investigations, discipline, and grievances. Hires and evaluates personnel and ensures appropriate orientation, training, and development.
  14. Conducts monthly staff meetings that include an agenda and minutes and shares organizational information with all staff
  15. Arranges and/or conducts individual or group training as required to enhance the skills of staff or address a skill deficit
  16. Models and supports self-care and is aware of the needs of their staff team
  17. Works in collaboration with Program Directors and other departments to ensure all practices, procedures and policies are adhered to and documented
  18. Works collaboratively with scheduling to ensure the best interest of the youth and/or adult is taken into consideration and staff are fully trained prior to being schedule in a home
  19. Participates in after hours rotation as required
  20. All other duties as directed and required

Job description has been updated and amended with approval of employee and Human Resources Director.

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Job Title: Resource Worker
Classification: Residence Worker – Grid 10

Reports To: Program Manager

Job Summary:

To provide direct care and support to the person in the resource you are assigned to and to ensure general upkeep and maintenance of the resource itself. Ensures the persons’ physical, emotional social, educational, medical needs are met. Assist person to enhance quality of life with activities of daily living and the development of life skills.

Qualifications: Education, Training & Experience

Key Duties and resonsibilities:

  1. Participates in the assessment, goal setting and program planning (Personal Service Plan) for the person being supported
  2. Documents, implements, and provides input into the evaluation of the program and suggests changes to the Program Manager
  3. Provides life skills training that that aligns with the persons preferences and goals. This may include but is not limited to emotional regulation, alternate behaviours in stressful situations, meal planning & preparation, personal care skills and budgeting
  4. Plans, participates in and provides direct support during person-centered activities in alignment with the person’s goals and preferences
  5. Recognizes, analyzes, and takes a pro-active approach to potential emergency situations, using crisis intervention training and strategies to ensure no harm comes to the person, staff and/or the public. Reports crisis to supervisor and completes and submits a Critical Incident form.
  6. Provides emotional support to person to assist with emotional regulation, de-escalation and/or debriefing an emotional situation.
  7. Assists person with activities of daily living such as feeding, lifts, transfers, hygiene, grooming and toileting.
  8. Administers, records and stores medications in accordance with established policies and CARF standards.
  9. At the direction of the Program Manager, schedules, transports and assists person with medical and dental appointments.
  10. Transports and assists person(s) to appointments, shopping, or leisure activities.
  11. Performs basic house housekeeping duties such as laundry, sweeping, mopping floors, mowing lawns, inventory, shopping, cleaning equipment and food services.
  12. Completes and maintains all required documentation in accordance with established policies.
  13. Identifies social, economic, recreational, and educational services in the community that align with the person(s) preferences and service plan.
  14. At the direction of the Program Manager, liaison with other agencies, professionals, government officials and the community.
  15. Performs other related duties as required

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