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The Active Care Pledge

We will walk in front of you when you need us to guide and support you.

We will walk beside you through your struggles and challenges.

We will walk behind you encouraging you be independent and take healthy risks.

You have taught us that what is valuable to you, is your sense of belonging, your cultural heritage and being close to those who you care for and who care for you.

Our goal is to create a space for you to feel safe surrounded by a community where you feel you belong
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Active Care Youth & Adult Services is an employer of choice and a recognized national leader whose services enhance and change the lives of youth, adults, and communities.
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Active Care Youth & Adult Services is a trauma informed organization made up of compassionate, talented people who provide innovative person-centered supports and services.

Our Values

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Creates opportunities for relationships, collaboration, and learning.
Our past does not define our future
All people are valued, appreciated, and celebrated for their differences
Our words and actions communicate dignity and kindness
We are committed to ethical behavior, accountability,
and transparency in all our actions
Strategic plan January 2023 - December 2025

Key Initiatives

Active Care Services is seen as a necessary and respected community member.
We provide the highest quality and cost-effective services.
Active Care Services is an employer of choice.
Embeds all accreditation standards throughout the organization.
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Our Programs

Active Care programs are designed to guide and support individuals as they work to meet goals and overcome challenges that lead to the greatest degree of independence possible and the opportunity to be part of healthy, inclusive communities.
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We have an amazing team focused on making a difference in the life of people with complex needs. Come be a part of our vision and help change their reality.